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Suzanne Klingler Johnston MS CAS '61, President
Terry Quinn MS, Principal
Mary Doyle Szlosek MS, CAS/SAS '82, Middle School Principal
Christian Jensen, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Peggy Kenrick BS, Vice President of Finance
Dana Whipple MS Ed, Assistant Principal/International Program Coordinator
Mary Wahl Cannon MS '83, Director of Admissions
Anthony Yandek MS Ed, Athletic Director


Mary Wahl Cannon MS '83, Director of Admissions
Amy Liebert Hentschke MS '90, Registrar/Admissions

Advancement Office

Christian Jensen, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Kelly Conlan, Director of Corporate Relations and Special Events
Dave Carro, Director of Marketing & Communications
Karen Ralph BA '72, Director of Alumnae Relations
Alesia Bosko, Prospect Researcher and Database Manager
Donna Dey, Advancement Associate


Kevin Giaquinto MFA, Curriculum Leader
Mary Pat O'Brien Kiely MFA
Kylie Dahlberg MS Ed


Kim Klimowski, Bookstore Manager


Luke Hagens MS Ed, Curriculum Leader
Roxanne Griep MS Ed

Campus Ministry

Sr. Pat Beairsto RSM, MA, Campus Minister


Lori Purcell MS Ed, Chairperson
Caitlin Schmalstich, M.S., Middle School Counselor
Jane Searl MS Ed, School Counselor
Sara Thomas, M.S. Ed, N.C.C., School Counselor
Lisa Costello, Counseling Coordinator


Colleen Bonar BA, Curriculum Coordinator


Kim Kearney MS. Ed N.B.P.T.S., Curriculum Leader
Amber Callari MS Ed
Susan Decker MS
Melinda Good MA
Kirsten Jauch MS
Caroline Edwards Kurzweil MAT '87
Lee Strong MA
Lora Stumpf Zumchak MA '87

Finance Office

Peggy Kenrick BS, Vice President of Finance
Mary Kay Huber, Bookkeeper

Foreign Language

Kimberley Gallagher MS Ed, Curriculum Leader
Stephanie Ali MS Ed
Alisa Belanger, Ph.D.
Kathryn Cullen MS Ed
Genevieve Gysel MS Ed
Kim Vita MS Ed

Grade 6

Jacqueline Nielsen MS Ed
Cheri Sistek MA and MAT
Kendra Zaffuto MS Ed '08


Elizabeth Decosse MS Ed

International Program

Dana Whipple MS Ed, Assistant Principal/International Program Coordinator

Library Media Center

Kimberly Rouleau MA, MLS, Curriculum Leader
Debbie Hall MS Ed, Textbook Coordinator
Stephanie Krist BS BA, Library Support


Carol Gillis MS Ed, Curriculum Leader
Joanne Facci MS, MS
Andrea Lanctot MS
Caitlin Lawniczak MS Ed
Eileen McAliney MS
Shawna Melton MS
Tim Nawojski MS Ed
Maureen Stover MS


David Thompson BA
Lora Stumpf Zumchak MA '87

Passport To Understanding

Therese Mack Randazzese MS Ed '89, Coordinator of Passport Ministry Program

Performing Arts

Megan Bianchi BA, Curriculum Leader
Elana Gizzi MM
Amy Marron BME, MA

Physical Education

Diana Davis MS Ed, Curriculum Leader
Stephanie Pautz Barbero MS Ed '82
Katie O'Dell MS Ed '71

School Nurse

Eileen Kay RN, BS


Barbara Barker MS Ed, Curriculum Leader
Hannah Barone-Crowell BS
Heidi Liebert Fine BS '96
Anne Fox MAT
Dick Hendrick MS Ed
Keith Osgood BS
Yvonne Plummer MS Ed
David Thompson BA
Emily Woloshyn MS

Secretarial Staff

Alana Colaruotolo Caston '07, Administrative Assistant
Kate Gray, Attendance/Receptionist
Amy Liebert Hentschke '90, Registrar/Admissions

Social Studies

Gary Ward MA, MA Ed, Curriculum Leader
Emily Cloonan BA
Nicole Lombardi BA
Megan McInerney M.Ed.
Alexander Stryker BA
Donna Trost MA
Stephanie Zajac- D'angi MA Ed
Katy Miller, M.A.Ed., Social Studies Teacher - MS/HS

Technology Services

Michael Saputo BS, MCSA, Director of Technology
Debbie Hall MS Ed, Assistant Coordinator Instruction Technology/Textbook Coordinator
Danielle Keenan BA, Assistant Technology Coordinator


Sr. Joan McAteer RSM, MA '66, Curriculum Leader
Sr. Karlien Bach RSM, MA '75
Sr. Pat Beairsto RSM, MA
Christine Kvam Mdiv
Barbara McAdoo BA
Anne Paluskiewicz MA
Augustin Phung MTS
Mary Van Houten MA


Leah Levine, MS, BOCES Consultant Teacher