Dear parents and guardians:

I am proud of all we accomplished together during the 2016-17 school year!

It was a great year for technology at Mercy. All of our high school students were issued a Surface Pro computer. Teachers and students embraced the new technology and made it a regular part of the routine. Instruction was enhanced by the use of on-line textbooks, assignments issued on Goggle Classroom and OneNote, notetaking in the classroom, and daily access to the Internet. It also reduced the number of copies we made by nearly 1 million, and our girls’ backs were spared from carrying a ton of textbooks to and from school in their backpacks! 

As part of the Board of Trustees’ strategic planning process, we have been in the midst of analyzing our academic program and developing strategic goals to guide our continuous improvement. Last fall, 50 faculty members researched and articulated the skills/indicators of World Class Learners. We will use these skills and indicators to focus our work as we analyze our academic program.

This spring, we further divided our team into two groups, an Academic Team and a School Climate and Culture Team. We added parents, students, and outside experts to these teams to further our research and make recommendations about how to align our academic program with the skills and indicators of world class learners to create a school climate that addresses the needs of today’s young women. This fall, our work will continue and each team will make recommendations to administration for initiatives that will improve our academic program and school climate.

Another important part of the strategic plan, revising our Mission Statement, was accomplished by a group led by Sr. Pat Beairsto. Students, faculty, parents, and the Sisters of Mercy crafted a wonderful Mission Statement that now aligns with our current practices. We will use it to guide our decisions as we revise our academic program and enhance our school climate.

We will continue to seek input from all constituent groups and make decisions that aligns our work to Mercy’s Mission… and to the definition of world class learners. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this important work!

Our students continue to make us proud. Our graduating class of 106 earned over 20 million dollars in scholarship offers and will attend a wide variety of colleges including Cornell, Dartmouth, Villanova, Notre Dame, U of R, RIT, Boston University, Northwestern, and many more.  Our sports team won sectional championships in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Our basketball team made it the State semifinals. One of our tennis players competed in the State finals. Our crew teams won state championships and competed in the National Crew Championship. 

As we close out this school year, I wish you a restful summer and look forward to another great year at Mercy next year.


Mr. Terry Quinn
Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women