Our Lady of Mercy offers an unparalleled academic curriculum.

Our intent is to continue to prepare our students to succeed academically in the 21st century. We offer a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio while focusing on continuous curriculum improvement. We also are proud of our One-to-One Technology Program - each middle school student is issued her own Chromebook to use throughout the school year. High school students each have a Microsoft Surface Pro. Teachers utilize this technology on a daily basis, integrating lectures and assignments for a smooth transition of educational resources between home and the classroom.

Recently, we have infused a greater awareness of Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy into the life of the school. Years ago, we have replaced the NYS Regents Program with College/Career Readiness Standards and assessments by which to measure them. Our curriculum review and enhancement is led by our Strategic Plan, Board of Trustees, Administration, full-time Curriculum Coordinator, and our Teacher Teams. We also ensure that our full-time BOCES expert is available to assist our students as needed and as specified in academic accommodations.