Assessment is at the heart of the teaching and learning process.  Sound assessments measure our students' success in achieving a clear set of standards.  We strive to use a variety of assessments to build our students' confidence so that they achieve the learning outcomes that we set for them. 

Assessing Academic Progress in Grade 6

The purpose of the Grade 6 Report Card is to provide accurate information and feedback to students and their families on their daughters' progress toward meeting grade level standards.  We use Standards Based grading in the 6th Grade.  This means we measure what the student knows and is able to do against a set of specific Grade 6 standards set by Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women which prepare students for success in high school.  Habits of the Mind/Work Skills Standards, such as conduct and work habits are reported separately from academic proficiency.  It is our goal to support and encourage each student to not only reach, but to exceed as many grade level standards as she can.