Sixth grade is a wonderful time for girls to start at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women! Our small group setting, high faculty to student ratio, and full time administrative and counseling team offers each student the opportunity to sparkle and shine! Each student receives academic support and differentiation, as well as transitional guidance as she adjusts from elementary school to middle school. Families are an integral part of this program as they join us to participate in numerous school events. Click the video below to listen to high school students reflect on their days in the 6th grade!
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What is unique about Mercy's 6th Grade program?

  • Class size - There are between 15 and 20 students per class.
  • Differentiated Instruction - Different modes of instruction (whole group, small group, and partner work) paired with flexible grouping help to challenge students in a supportive environment.
  • Standards-Based Report Card - Created by the 6th Grade teachers and Mercy's Administrators, the Standards-Based Report Card allows students and parents to receive more effective feedback from teachers.
  • Music Program - This includes lessons and participation in a 6th grade ensemble. For students who do not participate in the Music Program, they are required to participate in Mercy's Mind/Body Program which encourages mindfulness and healthy physical activity.
  • Foreign Language - Students have a variety of experiences that allow for exploration in Spanish, French, and Latin.
  • Service Opportunities - Mercy's 6th graders participate in "Ministry Days," sharing their time and talents by helping out at local organizations, including Angels of Mercy, Dress for Success, Foodlink, School #28, Indian Landing Elementary School, Saint's Place, and School of the Holy Childhood among others. 
  • Library/Study Skills - This is a unique 12-week program to help students effectively use the library and to implement essential study skills in their classes.
  • Field Trips - Each month, 6th grade classes leave campus to participate in fun and educational experiences such as visits to museums, parks, historic locations, etc.
Mercy is proud of our One-to-One Technology Program! Each 6th grade student is issued a Chromebook that she can use throughout the school year. Teachers utilize this technology on a daily basis, integrating lectures and assignments for a smooth transition of educational resources between home and the classroom. Chromebook image

Listen to high school students reflect on their days in the 6th grade!