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Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women. Our admissions process includes the following:

  1. On-site events/visits (See Events/Registration tab)
  2. Entrance Exam and school records request (*Parents complete a school "Records Request" before the exam.)
  3. Additional conversations if requested
  4. Decision (from family and Mercy)
  5. If you are not applying for financial aid or a Multiple Daughter Incentive, send in $250 registration fee and required paperwork (see acceptance packet) within three weeks of receiving your acceptance packet to reserve your daughter’s spot.
  6. If you are applying for financial aid and/or Multiple Daughter Incentive you may:
         a. Send in $250 registration fee and paperwork to reserve your daughter’s spot
         b. Apply for financial aid and/or Multiple Daughter Incentive. The Mercy financial aid application is available on the FACTS page. To apply successfully, please review this key information:
         i. The on-line application window opens on January 2, 2018. Please complete this process in early January to give you time to follow-up with any additional information that FACTS may request. **If you receive an error message or have any questions about the application process or your application status, please contact FACTS directly at (866-441-4637) as they are best suited to assist.
         ii. The application requires that you download your 2016 tax return & 2017 W-2.
         iii. Firm Deadlines must be met to be considered for the first round of aid:
    1. February 6 – FACTS application must be complete (with all required documentation)
    2. March 1 – Mercy will mail Financial Aid awards to those families that met the above February 6th deadline.
    3. March 12 – Registration forms and $250 non-refundable registration fee must be post-marked by this date to guarantee your financial aid award. If the registration paperwork/fee is not postmarked by March 12, your aid will be returned to the financial aid pool to become available for future applicants. If you choose to register after March 12, your financial aid application will be reviewed with the returning student applications.

  7. If you are applying for the Emerging Leadership Scholarship, please see our website, Admissions tab for criteria and scholarship details. The completed application is due February 6, 2018. The student is encouraged to submit her packet in January. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

  8. As it relates to Academic Scholarships, no further action is requested on your part.

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