Is there more drama in an all-girls school?

Relatively speaking, no, for a variety of reasons. The girls figure out quickly that it makes so much more sense to be friends with all those around her. Also, our administration has a limited tolerance for unkind exchanges and addresses them immediately with the student, parents, and all those involved.

How does an all-girls program change the environment?

The girls feel more comfortable in class, so learning becomes easy.

How does an all-girls program change the academics?

Given our all-female audience, we adjust how and what we teach. We adjust our instructional strategies and pedagogy to positively impact her learning. We also adjust what we teach. For example, we adjust some of our PE units to include yoga and offer a self-defense course (before going off to college).

How does an all-girls program impact her opportunities?

It offers her significantly more opportunities... since the leader of every club, team, speaker at graduation, etc… is a female! Our students’ resumes are filled with leadership opportunities.

Do you follow the Common Core ?

No, we follow the College and Career Readiness standards. We do not ask the girls to take NYS tests but instead focus on age appropriate PSAT tests to identify strengths and weaknesses starting in 7th grade. Our full-time Curriculum Coordinator and curriculum leaders, like all successful teams, focus on continuous improvement through a 12-month period, continually focusing on our students’ best interest.

What does the Admission Committee consider for acceptance?

We review the student’s academic records and entrance exam scores. Often times, we reach out to our prospective parents to learn more about their daughter.

What financial assistance do you offer?

We offer need-based aid, a Multiple Daughter Incentive and a variety of scholarships based on leadership, academics, character, service, and commitment to the arts. See website, admissions tab, financial, for more information.

What is the time frame for acceptance?

The admissions decisions are sent approximately 4 weeks after the student takes an entrance exam. During this time, we are collecting student records and are waiting for the national test results.

What is the time frame for financial aid?

Current families' financial aid applications are due by March 16, 2018. For prospective families, all aid applications are managed and distributed on a rolling basis. To qualify for the 'first-round' of financial aid, please submit your completed application by February 6, 2018. Financial aid is managed by our VP of Finance, Peggy Kenrick, 585-288-7120, x307.

What is the average aid per student awarded for the 2017-2018 school year?

6th grade = $3,000; middle school = $3,500; and high school = $4,500. A total of $1,470,000 in aid was awarded to our families in 2017-2018 (75% of those who applied for aid received it).

What programs do you have in place to assist our daughters in their transition?

We offer a variety of programs specifically for that purpose such as the full day student orientation and the parent orientation in August. We also meet with new students individually as well as in small group. We actively encourage our girls to get involved with any of our 30 clubs and multiple athletic teams as well as encourage all to sign up for our many service opportunities.

For the first year, how do you place students within the course offerings?

In the spring, our counselor reviews each student file and mails home a recommended course selection sheet. Parents are encouraged to call or send an email providing additional academic background on their daughter as well. In the following fall, adjustments can also be made as the student works with her teachers and counselor.

If she starts in middle school, is it too long for all girls?

No. Our girls gain confidence throughout their experience here with us and that confidence shines through in all their social interactions going forward. In addition, our girls, while here, have an opportunity to meet new friends at dances, plays, and participation in athletic teams such as sailing, co-ed events on campus, and academic teams, such as debate club.

Does her middle school choice matter?

Yes – for a variety of important reasons. First and foremost, it matters academically – as our program is vertically aligned from 6th grade through 12th grade. It also matters as it relates to our girls’ opportunities to meet with and work with our performing arts teachers, athletic coaches, and club moderators.

What academic assistance is available ?

Our teachers are here before and after school as well as during our scheduled “Advisement” time, twice a week to assist our students. We also offer an after school tutoring program for our students as well as a full-time BOCES employee to provide accommodations.

Who can I talk with regarding my additional questions?

Our Director of Admissions Mary Cannon at 585-288-7120 x310 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..