Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our wonderful school! Please do not hesitate to use our form below to request more information about anything you may be interested in. Our Admissions Department will contact you first chance they get to answer whatever quesions you may have.


Mercy Girl Connections

You can also direct a question to an actual Mercy Girl through Mercy Girl Connections! This is a communication platform where you (a prospective or future Mercy Girl) can e-mail any question to a current Mercy student. What you'll get back is an honest response from the perspective of someone who was in your same position years ago, but who now has the experience to answer better than anyone. Deciding if Mercy is the best school for you is a big decision. Whatever you want to know, just ask! We'll give you a down-to-earth answer that you would expect from someone who was in your shoes!