1. You can log on by going to the Naviance section under the Counseling tab and clicking on the Naviance word or you can go to https://connection.naviance.com/fc/signin.php?hsid=olmhs under the log in that you can check and your password will be sent to you through your email.
  2. Once you are in Naviance - Go to the Colleges tab.  At the bottom under the "Scholarships and Money" section, click on the link labeled "Scholarship Lists."  By the words "Browse by Category," you will be able to scroll and select the month of interest in the menu (i.e., October or November) and click on "Go."
  3. When you have found a scholarship of interest, you can click on it and the next page will provide you with some descriptions, parameters, and a link to apply and to gather additional information. If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling Office.

For more information on applying for financial aid, visit hesc.ny.gov
HESC's website is dedicated to encouraging completion of the FAFSA, StartHereGetThere.org.
STEM Incentive Program - Visit hesc.ny.gov/STEM to learn more.

If you're applying for a scholarship/award, which requires your transcript, please fill out the pink request form, which can be found in the Counseling Office, or click here.

New Scholarships Announced!

Caring.com and SeniorHomes.com just announced Winter deadlines for their respective bi-annual scholarship programs. Caring.com's Student-Caregiver Scholarship gives out three awards of $1,500 each to students going to school while caring for a loved one. Its application deadline is December 31, 2017 and can found at www.Caring.com/scholarship.

The Senior Homes Caregiving Scholarship has the same criteria and gives out two awards of $1,000 each. The deadline for this scholarship is January 31, 2018 and the application can be found at www.SeniorHomes.com/scholarship.

There are no eligibility restrictions, so all students are eligible to apply to both scholarships, including those matriculating in fall 2018.