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The 'Different' Sixth Grade Report Card
By Kendra Zaffuto, 6th Grade Teacher

The sixth grade report card at Mercy is a standards-based report card, differing significantly from the seventh to twelfth grade report card. In lieu of a traditional single number or letter grade for each class, teachers assess and report on each student’s progress on class-specific standards. Marks on the report cards are:

M (Minimal) – the student is having difficulty grasping the key concepts, processes and skills required of the standard
D (Developing) – the student is beginning to grasp and apply the key concepts, processes and skills required of the standard
P (Proficient) – the student grasps and applies the key concepts, processes, and skills required of the standard
E (Exemplary) –the student applies key concepts, processes, and skills required of the standard at a complex level

Teachers also include comments for each student in addition to the marks for the standards. These comments describe student strengths and areas of improvement not only for academic content, but also on “habits of the mind,” such as study skills, organization, participation in class, and homework completion. All in-class assessments (quizzes, tests, projects, etc.) are also assessed using the report card standards. Teachers of the exploratory classes (music, art, library skills) give only descriptive narrative feedback. The core sixth grade teachers give students this same descriptive narrative feedback on their end-of-the year final project, right on the report card.

Investing in a Mercy Education While Saving for College

By Mary Cannon, Director of Admissions

In my discussions with hundreds of our parents over the past four years, I am reminded of two things: our families value the quality of our educational opportunities and make the necessary efforts to invest in their daughters. Please keep this in mind while you consider sending your daughter to Mercy:

  • The families that chose Mercy are so grateful they did! Our biggest fans are our parents with students in college and beyond. They realize that who their daughter is today, the decisions she makes, how she sees the world and her part in it, and the opportunities in front of her, are closely linked to her Mercy experiences and the guidance and support she received while here with us.
  • Our administrative team strives to provide students and families the strongest return on their investment in education while keeping the highly valued Mercy degree accessible and affordable. We are pleased to share that the 2017-2018 sixth grade tuition is staying stable, the middle school tuition increased less than 2%, and the high school tuition increased less than 3%.
  • Each Mercy girl who graduated last year received an average of $180,000 in total scholarships from their combined accepted colleges… so the return on a Mercy investment is very real. Money spent for a Mercy education has the real potential to reduce money spent on college.

Take a deep breath and take one year at a time. In your first year, apply for our Emerging Leadership scholarships and apply for financial aid annually. During her time at Mercy, take note of your daughter’s growing confidence and connection to the community. Join her at events and reach out to our other parents as you are all in this together! You are making the right choice. As this time goes by so quickly, you will be forever grateful you gave your daughter this life-long gift.


Qualifications of Mercy Teachers

Our Lady of Mercy is in the people business. We offer state-of-the-art classrooms but we are reminded daily that it is our people who make this experience worthwhile. We are extremely proud of our faculty. All Mercy educators either hold a graduate degree or are a fully-credentialed expert in their field. We expect nothing less. Each and every teacher is passionate about what they do and are dedicated to working with the students to help them succeed. Our faculty continues to reflect on their practice to support students in becoming globally prepared to make a difference in the world. Each school day, our teachers take whatever time is necessary to help students understand a particularly challenging concept or meet with one of the many clubs or teams at Mercy. If it is important to our students, it is important to us.