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The Cornerstone Legacy Society recognizes donors who have made a commitment to support Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women’s future through a bequest, charitable trust, gift annuity, life insurance policy, or other type of planned gift.

Planned gifts are critical in supporting Our Lady of Mercy – they help us provide the school with a sustainable stream of resources to provide fnancial assistance to more than 40% of our students, invest in the facilities, and recruit and retain gifted faculty. Through the Cornerstone Legacy Society, Our Lady of Mercy has the opportunity to thank and recognize those alumnae and friends who have made the selfless commitment of a planned gift. By joining the Cornerstone Legacy Society, Mercy can celebrate the impact donors’ generosity will have on generations to come. With a planned giving commitment, donors can maximize their ability to meet personal fnancial objectives – and with some gifts, actually guarantee income during their lifetimes – leaving an indelible legacy at Mercy and with countless “Mercy Girls.”

There are several ways to join the Cornerstone Legacy Society
• Leave Mercy in your will (bequest)
• Make a tax-smart, IRA rollover to Mercy from your required distribution
• Guarantee income for you and/or your family by creating a charitable trust or gift annuity
• Create a gift that helps you transfer assets to your heirs (charitable lead trust)

To learn more about how you can leave an enduring legacy at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, contact Christian Jensen, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, at 585-288-7120 x308 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank You to our Cornerstone Legacy Society Members! (click to view names)

Mr. Ronald C. Anderson
Estate of Betty Jane Mulryan Bareham 1941
Mrs. Carolyn Saturno Barnhart 1965
Mrs. Rosemarie Haselmaier Bayer 1945
Mrs. Stella Beahan
Ms. Barbara Brairton 1961
Estate of Marion LePage Brown 1946
Mrs. Yvonne Stinson Cain 1957
Mrs. Laura Callens
Mrs. Jane Gaetano Camiolo 1945
Estate of Mary Moll Coleman 1941
John H. Coleman & Mary E. Coleman Charitable Remainder
Mrs. Loyola Connolly 1941
Ms. Mary Consler 1969
Estate of Agnes Marie Coon 1944
Mrs. Anne Bergeron Covert 1979
Ms. Kathleen Danes 1958
Estate of Frances K. De Surra
Mrs. Antoinette DeBerger 1933
Ms. Penny Decker 1975
Estate of Gennaro J. DiSano
Mrs. Arlene Dugan Repko 1943
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Theresa Roy Dumas 1971
Ms. Kathleen Dwyer 1958
Estate of Ruth Eberle 1932
Mrs. Elizabeth Byrne Ehmann 1958
Estate of Gloria M. Fedrau 1947
Estate of Charles E. Fitzgibbon
Mrs. Arlene Schiefen Foley 1944
Estate of Jane Stauder Gill 1942
Ms. Patricia Gould 1972
Mr. and Mrs. James Gould
Estate of Evaritta Gunther 1943
Estate of Mary Ellen Schiff Hagen 1939
Ms. Lynnette Hale 1983
Mrs. Jeanne Casaretti Healy Burns 1958
Mrs. Mary Geyer Heberling 1934
Estate of Shirley Herman 1945
Mrs. Mary Ellen Wisniewski Hern 1974
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Heutmaker
Estate of Jane Hoffman 1942
Mrs. Jeanette Yoerger Holleran 1944
Estate of Lawrence E. Hughes
Estate of Daniel J. Hurley
Mrs. Mary Franklin Iuppa 1965
Mrs. Suzanne Klingler Johnston 1961
Mrs. Miriam Keegan Dean 1969
Mrs. Mary Lou Knapp Keller 1937
Ms. Susan Kennedy 1961
Ms. Lorraine Kern 1950
Estate of Bernard G. Kowalski
Ms. Mary Ellen Lansing 1971
Ms. Patricia Leftwich 1964
Mr. Thomas R. Licata
Estate of Patricia Coan Long 1944
Mrs. Melinda Richards Louviere 1985
Estate of Genevieve Madden 1935
Ms. Eloise Martin 1961
Ms. Judith Marx 1958
Dr. James T. Maxwell
Estate of Janice Kelly Maxwell
Estate of Ruth Burke McNally 1942
Mrs. Alyce Marie Hanss McNamara 1944
Estate of Barbara Hanss Meixner 1949
Estate of Marion Gores Meyer 1933
Mrs. Joan Milne Viva 1953
Estate of Dominic F. Mockevicius
Mrs. Shirley Rickard Muench 1949
Mrs. Carole Sehm Mulcahy 1955
Estate of Jaclyn Casperson Mulhern 1949
Estate of Gertrude D. Murdoch
Mrs. Stacy Kroeckel Murison 1986
Estate of Evelyn Roe Murphy 1935
Ms. Mary Louise Napoleon 1946
Trust of Rosemary C. Neubert 1937
Estate of William Robert Nolan
Estate of John M. Odenbach, Sr.
Estate of Margaret O’Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. John & Valeri Olivieri
Mrs. Lucy Shea O’Neill 1952
Ms. Dorothy Pecoraro 1959
Estate of Ruth Robison Perotto 1935
Estate of Irene Peters 1951
Estate of Margaret Blum Polley 1934
Theresa Pretlow, Ph.D. 1957
Mrs. Julie Fitzpatrick Rafferty 1974
Mrs. Margaret Meng Reek 1971
Estate of Henry D. Rohrer, Jr.
Mrs. Marlena Mendola Sayegh 1987
Mrs. Susan Bretz Schaefer 1960
Mrs. Ruth Kennedy Scherberger 1944
Mrs. Joan Gaenzler Seccombe 1949
Ms. Dorothy Seils
Estate of Marguerite Hack Sertl 1950
Estate of Eunice Schneider Shannon 1932
Estate of Mary Theresa Sheridan
Estate of John F. Simmons, Sr.
Dr. Jean Stern Edwardsen 1966
Estate of Sr. Rosemary Sullivan FMM 1946
Ms. Andrea Tomaino 1980
Estate of Lucille Ann Sellmayer Torrens 1951
Estate of Adeline Ulgiati 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick & Marilyn A. Wagner
Cdr. Patricia Warner USN 1955
Ms. Patricia M. Weber
Mrs. Patricia Riedman Yeager 1986
Mrs. Audrey Lill Yockel 1946
Estate of Peter Zanghi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Marcia Zappia
Estate of Helen B. Zaremba