Mercy girls forever live in the hearts and memories of their teachers.

Now it's time to let teachers know the impact they've had on you.
In recent years, Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women has made substantial investments in facilities, technology, and programming. But what truly differentiates Mercy from other schools is our gifted, compassionate teachers. As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, and as we take time to honor teachers in May, this is a perfect time to reflect on the wonderful Mercy teachers, past and present, who have inspired the tens of thousands of ‘Mercy girls’ over the last 89 years.
By making a gift to the Mercy Fund in honor of an active or retired teacher who touched your life, you will help Our Lady of Mercy recognize the outstanding work of our teachers and ensure we continue to recruit and retain top-notch faculty who foster lifelong bonds and world-class learning. You can make a positive impact on the next generation of Mercy girls.

Who was your special teacher? Whose lessons and guidance greatly impacted your life? With your gift, please let us know who you are honoring and why this wonderful educator means so much to you and to your family. Do you remember...

Dismas thumbnail Sister Dismas Foster ‘41. Sister Dismas embodied unparalleled compassion and commitment for others. In her 30 years of teaching Geometry, Home Economics, and Senior Seminar, she inspired and encouraged her students to become their best selves. Her example serves as a shining beacon for the Mercy community.
Ward thumbnail Mr. Gary Ward. With an unwavering commitment to empower his students to embrace their potential, Mr. Ward helps students understand and love themselves and the culture that surrounds them. He is the Psychology teacher everyone remembers, inspiring his students to look inward to discover and celebrate their gifts and talents, and to move confdently into the world.
Beairsto thumbnail Sister Pat Beairsto. As a Theology teacher and Campus Minister, Sister Pat is often considered the heart of the Mercy school community. She is beloved by faculty, staff, current students, and thousands of alumnae. Through her gentle encouragement and love she reminds us daily of our connection to our faith and the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy.
ODell Thumbnail Mrs. Katie Combs O’Dell ‘71. Kindness and mild-mannered encouragement is what most alumnae remember about this amazing teacher. As a former Mercy girl, Mrs. O’Dell knows the importance of student motivation; she has inspired generations of students to get involved in sports and physical activities. She continues to advocate for her students and remains their biggest cheerleader.

Who would you like to honor? Let us know by making a donation below. Thank you!