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Life of a Mercy Girl

Mercy Girls possess a moral compass, they are risk-takers, they demonstrate a growth mindset, they are globally-ready, they are resilient problem-solvers, and they are excellent communicators. But it’s not just these shared skills and attributes that bind our students, it is also the sense of sisterhood and support you won’t find in any other school.

Over 13,000 young women have graduated from Mercy’s hallowed halls. Each has a story – unique to themselves but shared among their classmates. They are stories of success, compassion, resilience, and confidence. Mercy Girls have done more good on this Earth than we can possibly imagine.

Dorothy Pecoraro ’59 and Sister Pat Prinzing '58

The phrase ‘life-long friends’ has never rung truer than for Dorothy Pecoraro ’59 and Sister Pat Prinzing ’58. Circumstance may have brought them together at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in the 1950s, but it was their affinity for each other that maintained their bond of sisterhood for 60 years. Similar to […]

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Allyson Farnand '21

As a self-described introvert, Allyson Farnand ’21 was the quintessential shy middle schooler, keeping mostly to herself with only a few friends. Whether this shyness emanated from herself or from her experience at her previous school, she decided it was time for a new academic environment — so she enrolled at Mercy as a sixth […]

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Isabelle Sakmyster '23

Mercy 9th grader Isabelle Sakmyster ’23 excelled in her studies when she attended public school; she was nearly always at the top of her class in her subjects. Because of this, Belle struggled to find ways to challenge herself academically. She wanted to be pushed, and she needed inspiration. Belle and her family knew it […]

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Heather Goodbody '87

The first moments of inspiration for Heather Hanson Goodbody ’87 were drawn from her parents – both thriving business people – who taught Heather at a young age that she could achieve anything she wanted out of life. Heather’s mom attended an all-girls school and experienced the life-long benefit of that environment. Wanting to give […]

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Jalisa Egues '21

When Jalisa Egues ’21 was in primary school, she never dreamed she would ever attend a school like Our Lady of Mercy – the opportunity seemed too far out of reach. Even though she had all the makings of a Mercy Girl, Jalisa felt Mercy was for “other girls, not me.” But in 2014, something […]

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Melanie Pitcher '19

Recent graduate Melanie Pitcher ’19 will be the first to tell you, quite excitedly, that she loves being a Mercy Girl. Melanie always felt like she was a part of the family – her mother, aunts, and cousin all called Mercy home. In fact, her desire to come to Mercy was so strong, Melanie transferred […]

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Peggy Growney '74

Mercy graduate Peggy Growney ’74 has made her mark on the world as a strong, confident, and compassionate woman. She credits her family, gospel values, and her education at Our Lady of Mercy for helping her choose the right path. Growing up, Peggy shared a home with her parents, two brothers, and six sisters. It […]

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Chansocphentra Salcido '20

Chansocphentra Salcido, a senior at Our Lady of Mercy, never thought her dreams of attending college and becoming a conceptual artist would ever become a real possibility. Even though she is exceedingly bright, ‘Pat’ struggled in her elementary school. She found it difficult to interact with her classmates who did not share her passion for […]

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