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Job Postings and Employment Research

There are several great resources online to help you research available employment. Make sure your resume is up to date for the following websites. Remember, recruiters are always looking!

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet, covering more than 200 countries and territories. Be sure to include Mercy in the education field on your profile to connect with alumnae.
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals Genesee Valley (AFPGV) – The AFP Genesee Valley Chapter is a volunteer-based organization that represents more than 200 fundraising professionals in the Greater Rochester Region. Their website contains several job postings and networking events in the area.
  • Monster Jobs – Rochester – Monster Jobs allows you to search for jobs, research career advice, and find hiring and recruiting opportunities in the Rochester area.
  • Glassdoor – Rochester – Glassdoor has millions of personalized jobs, salary information, company reviews, and interview questions that are posted anonymously by both employees and job seekers.
  • TalentBridge – TalentBridge is a free local resource that can help you find the professional opportunity you’re looking for, whether it’s for a full-time, part-time, or short-term contract engagement.


By senior year of college, many students have been introduced to resume writing. But once they’ve graduated and enter the workforce, it’s an important skill to master and can open a lot of doors. There are several free online resume builders to help you construct a well-written resume, including AIE and Novoresume. is a free online resource and tool aimed to help high school students create resumes that can frame their current life experiences in a way that highlights them as well rounded, quality individuals for their college and scholarship applications. Listed below are two Resume Builder sources to help get you started on building your resume.

Cover Letters

As a recent college graduate, the process of writing a cover letter may seem complicated because you have limited work experience. However, there are ways to express your interest in a position and show an employer that you’re an ideal candidate for the job. Visit this website to view a sample cover letter for recent college graduates.


Like many recent graduates, you’ve probably completed an internship. Although they don’t pay much (or nothing at all), internships are often your best reference and an important part of getting your first real job.

Since you’re just starting to make the first steps on the job market, feel free to include some of your professors on the reference list. However, most recruiters look for at least one supervisor reference in the application, in addition to a reputable professor.

Be sure to preserve your relationship with your references and make them aware of the possibility of getting a phone call. A quick email or call to your reference with a heads up will ensure that they won’t be caught off guard if a potential employer reaches out to them.

Preparing for an Interview

Interviewing is a skill in and of itself, one in which your ability to interact with the interviewer and to articulate your thoughts are just as important as the qualifications listed on your resume in portraying you as an ideal candidate for the job. This article offers tips and tricks to help strengthen your interview skills.

After the Interview

Send a Thank You note immediately after the interview. A follow-up message (either handwritten or by email) to thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity to learn more about the position can make the difference between getting hired and being rejected. It shows your interest in the job and that you really care. This article offers three sample thank you emails to send to your interviewer.


“Jazzed About Work” (NPR)

“Work Life with Adam Grant” (TED)

TED Talks

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

In the age of technology, utilizing Mercy’s social media accounts is a great way to network with alumnae about future job aspirations and opportunities. This article offers five strategies for building your reputation and leveraging your contacts online.

Below are links to Mercy’s social media accounts, as well as their handles, so you can start networking with your fellow Mercy alumnae.

Planning Your Major and Career Path

Although most seniors have contemplated their major or have a plan for entering the workforce, it never hurts to start thinking about a five-year plan. Below are some resources for generating ideas and planning.

  • College Major Directory – Not sure what you want to major in? Browse this website to learn about different majors and profiles of different careers that can stem from them.
  • Career Tests – Undecided about your future career? Take these two free (and fun) online tests to help get a better idea of what career might best suit you: Test 1 & Test 2.

Important Summer Checklist

The end of senior year is full of excitement and anticipation for your future, but don’t let yourself become distracted by summer plans. Below is a checklist of recommended tasks to complete over the summer.

  • Follow up with Lisa Costello at to ensure that your final school transcripts have been forwarded to the college you’ve chosen to attend.
  • Request college transcripts for any dual credit courses you took at Mercy. You will need two copies: one for you and one for the college you plan to attend.
  • Finalize your summer job and make a plan to save a portion of your summer earnings.
  • Enroll in and make plans accordingly for summer orientation sessions at your school, whether they’re held in person or virtually.
  • provides up-to-the-minute student guidance on student loans and financial aid during the pandemic. All services are free, no registration is required, and your learning path is customized to your needs.
  • Prepare a realistic student budget. Click here to calculate a personalized spending plan.
  • Review your college packing list. If you don’t know where to begin, click here for a few things to consider about your living situation and a complete printable packing list.

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