Senior Class Alumnae Legacy Families

In 1932, when Mercy graduated our first alumnae, we laid the foundation for our future. Since that time, we have welcomed over 13,000 graduates into the sisterhood of Mercy. A network of determined, passionate, and committed women who share similar values, attitudes, and approaches toward changing the world. Many of our graduates share much more than these valuable qualities – they share the bond of family; Mercy has become their legacy.

Through the years, thousands of students have followed in the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers – walking the same halls, taking the same classes, and learning what it means to be a Mercy Girl. For decades, these Legacy Families have formed the backbone of our student body. For them, there is no question what school their daughters and granddaughters will attend – Mercy. Those students who are the first in their family to attend Mercy could very well be laying their own foundation for a brand-new Legacy Family. We are indebted to the love these families have of Mercy, and we want to share with the world some of these very special women. Therefore, we have created this display to show our appreciation and to honor 19 members of the Class of 2021, along with their mothers and/or grandmothers who are Mercy alumnae.

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Photo - Leah Alaimo Senior: Leah Alaimo '21
Photo - Virginia Manzoni Alaimo Grandmother: Virginia Manzoni Alaimo '55
Photo - Lilly Ansley-Purpura Senior: Lilly Ansley-Purpura '21
Photo - Anessa Ansley-Purpura Mother: Anessa Ansley-Purpura '88
Photo - Savannah Blaakman Senior: Savannah Blaakman '21
Photo - Charmaine Ryckaert Blaakman Grandmother: Charmaine Ryckaert Blaakman '51
Photo - Amy Brennan Senior: Amy Brennan '21
Photo - Jane Farrell Brennan Grandmother: Jane Farrell Brennan '50
Photo - Makenna Casper Senior: Makenna Casper '21
Photo - A. Jane Gores Casper Grandmother: A. Jane Gores Casper '51
Photo - Cordelia Donner Senior: Cordelia Donner '21
Photo - Patricia Carroll Grandmother: Patricia Carroll '68
Photo - Anna Gunther Senior: Anna Gunther '21
Photo - Claire Mooney Gunther Mother: Claire Mooney Gunther '93
Photo - Grace Kurzweil Senior: Grace Kurzweil '21
Photo - Caroline Edwards Kurzweil Mother: Caroline Edwards Kurzweil '87
Photo - Megan Lana Senior: Megan Lana '21
Photo - Saralynn Guisto Lana Mother: Saralynn Guisto Lana '87
Photo - Lucia Lanahan Senior: Lucia Lanahan '21
Photo - Judy Terhaar Boita Grandmother: Judy Terhaar Boita '63
Photo - Mary Grace McCann Senior: Mary Grace McCann '21
Photo - Mary Beth Napodano McCann Mother: Mary Beth Napodano McCann '85
Photo - Carol Stio Napodano Grandmother: Carol Stio Napodano '55
Photo - Paige McKenna Senior: Paige McKenna '21
Photo - Sheri Sydelnik McKenna Mother: Sheri Sydelnik McKenna '92
Photo - Michaela Monile Senior: Michaela Monile '21
Photo - Donna Giamberdino Monile Grandmother: Donna Giamberdino Monile '60
Photo - Sydney Natale Senior: Sydney Natale '21
Photo - Lisa Cascino Natale Mother: Lisa Cascino Natale '86
Photo - Dorothy Merkel Cascino Grandmother: Dorothy Merkel Cascino '59
Photo - Lucy O'Neill Senior: Lucy O'Neill '21
Photo - Andrea Colaruotolo O'Neill Mother: Andrea Colaruotolo O'Neill '88
Photo - Austen Parent Senior: Austen Parent '21
Photo - Colleen Curtin Parent Mother: Colleen Curtin Parent '86
Photo - Bernice Lohrman Parent Grandmother: Bernice Lohrman Parent '63
Photo - Abigail Senior: Abigail "Abby" Paris '21
Photo - Maire Grandmother: Maire "Tina" Masucci Paris '63
Photo - Eloise Thompson Senior: Eloise Thompson '21
Photo - Ann Carson Thompson Grandmother: Ann Carson Thompson '67
Photo - Katherine Senior: Katherine "Katie" Whitaker '21
Photo - Suzanne Mother: Suzanne "Sue" DeBloom Whitaker '86
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