Class of 2020 Legacy Families

Check out this display of 35 members of the Class of 2020, along with their mothers and/or grandmothers who are Mercy alumnae!

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Photo - Maheen Ahmed Senior: Maheen Ahmed ’20
Photo - Noveera Tahir Ahmed Mother: Noveera Tahir Ahmed ’96
Photo - Julia Andreach Senior: Julia Andreach ’20
Photo - Courtney Cournan Andreach Mother: Courtney Cournan Andreach ’92
Photo - Lauren Andrews Senior: Lauren Andrews ’20
Photo - Meghan Bielat Andrews Mother: Meghan Bielat Andrews ’88
Photo - Mary Senior: Mary “Grace” Bianco ’20
Photo - Mary Pat Cleary Bianco Mother: Mary Pat Cleary Bianco ’78
Photo - Patricia Coleman Cleary Grandmother: Patricia Coleman Cleary ’48
Photo - Ava Clarcq Senior: Ava Clarcq ’20
Photo - Christina Arena Clarcq Mother: Christina Arena Clarcq ’90
Photo - Alexandra Doherty Senior: Alexandra Doherty ’20
Photo - Helen Flaherty Doherty Grandmother: Helen Flaherty Doherty ’53
Photo - Rachel Donnellan Senior: Rachel Donnellan ’20
Photo - Catherine Barone Donnellan Mother: Catherine Barone Donnellan ’89
Photo - Mary Jo Lanphear Grandmother: Mary Jo Lanphear ’58
Photo - Lillian Frey Senior: Lillian Frey ’20
Photo - Shelia McStravick Conti Grandmother: Shelia McStravick Conti ’62
Photo - Grace Gambill Senior: Grace Gambill ’20
Photo - Margaret Stevenson Brent Grandmother: Margaret Stevenson Brent ’68
Photo - Emily Garland Senior: Emily Garland ’20
Photo - Jennifer Heddon Garland Mother: Jennifer Heddon Garland ’86
Photo - Morgan Growney Senior: Morgan Growney ’20
Photo - Michelle McGuigan Growney Mother: Michelle McGuigan Growney ’87
Photo - Kathleen McGraw Growney Grandmother: Kathleen McGraw Growney ’60
Photo - Carolena Hernandez Senior: Carolena Hernandez ’20
Photo - Margaret Farrell Lester Grandmother: Margaret Farrell Lester ’57
Photo - Rebecca Hernandez Senior: Rebecca Hernandez ’20
Photo - Margaret Farrell Lester Grandmother: Margaret Farrell Lester ’57
Photo - Sydney Holland Senior: Sydney Holland ’20
Photo - Susanne Stiewe Holland Grandmother: Susanne Stiewe Holland ’60
Photo - Elizabeth Senior: Elizabeth “Liza” Huber ’20
Photo - Catherine Loder Huber Mother: Catherine Loder Huber ’84
Photo - Anne Kosanke Senior: Anne Kosanke ’20
Photo - Marcia Walker Kosanke Mother: Marcia Walker Kosanke ’80
Photo - Isabella Senior: Isabella “Izzy” Kunde ’20
Photo - Linda Wojciechowski Mother: Linda Wojciechowski ’81
Photo - Judith Lanahan Senior: Judith Lanahan ’20
Photo - Judy Terhaar Boita Grandmother: Judy Terhaar Boita ’63
Photo - Shannon Lawless Senior: Shannon Lawless ’20
Photo - Mary Collins Ochs Grandmother: Mary Collins Ochs ’42
Photo - Joan Ehmann Lawless Grandmother: Joan Ehmann Lawless ’49
Photo - Mackenzie Lill Senior: Mackenzie Lill ’20
Photo - Patricia Harvey Lill Grandmother: Patricia Harvey Lill ’47
Photo - Emma Magioncalda Senior: Emma Magioncalda ’20
Photo - Jacqueline Forward Magioncalda Mother: Jacqueline Forward Magioncalda ’85
Photo - Lois Spurling Forward Grandmother: Lois Spurling Forward ’51
Photo - Genevieve Senior: Genevieve “Riley” Maher ’20
Photo - Eileen Male Maher Mother: Eileen Male Maher ’81
Photo - Kathleen Magee Male Grandmother: Kathleen Magee Male ’60
Photo - Brigid Marron Senior: Brigid Marron ’20
Photo - Mary Jo luppa-Tonery Grandmother: Mary Jo luppa-Tonery ’70
Photo - Sarah Marron Senior: Sarah Marron ’20
Photo - Ann Coursey Marron Grandmother: Ann Coursey Marron ’59
Photo - Megan Miller Senior: Megan Miller ’20
Photo - Mary Catherine Galen Miller Grandmother: Mary Catherine Galen Miller ’57
Photo - Noelle Napodano Senior: Noelle Napodano ’20
Photo - Carol Stio Napodano Grandmother: Carol Stio Napodano ’55
Photo - Molly O'Mara Senior: Molly O’Mara ’20
Photo - Nancy Doherty O'Mara Grandmother: Nancy Doherty O’Mara ’56
Photo - Angelina Senior: Angelina “Angie” Pallini ’20
Photo - Joan Kase Conte Grandmother: Joan Kase Conte ’49
Photo - Geanna Profita Senior: Geanna Profita ’20
Photo - Jeanne Boccuzzi Profita Mother: Jeanne Boccuzzi Profita ’88
Photo - Natalie Rivoli Senior: Natalie Rivoli ’20
Photo - Jean Maggio Rivoli Grandmother: Jean Maggio Rivoli ’56
Photo - Lauren Simons Senior: Lauren Simons ’20
Photo - Joan Falvo Marcello Grandmother: Joan Falvo Marcello ’63
Photo - Kathryn Strait Senior: Kathryn Strait ’20
Photo - Kristen Lejnieks Strait Mother: Kristen Lejnieks Strait ’90
Photo - Hailee Tachin Senior: Hailee Tachin ’20
Photo - Karen Pane Tachin Mother: Karen Pane Tachin ’85
Photo - Marjorie Brickler Tachin Grandmother: Marjorie Brickler Tachin ’56
Photo - Sara Trudeau Senior: Sara Trudeau ’20
Photo - Tina Hynes Trudeau Mother: Tina Hynes Trudeau ’85
Photo - Nicole Valente Senior: Nicole Valente ’20
Photo - Sheryl Mileo Valente Mother: Sheryl Mileo Valente ’88

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