Spirit Day 2022

Spirit Day was Thursday, October 6th. It was a wonderful day filled with much celebration and class unity from grades 6-12. Our unity as a Circle of Mercy focused on service to others through our Middle School sock drive and our High School food can drive. The Middle School collected over 1,700 socks for the House of Mercy and Happy Birthday Cha Cha organization. The High School made a school record collecting 41,301 cans of food for House of Mercy, Sister Regis Food Cupboard, Bethany House, Cameron Community Ministry, Dimitri House, and St. Peter’s Kitchen. Our senior class of 2023 collected 28,501, junior class of 2024 collected 9,224, sophomore class of 2025 collected 2,577, and our freshman class of 2026 collected 999 cans of food. This was a huge celebration for our entire Mercy community as we were able to help those in need in our Greater Rochester community. The day was also filled with much happiness and joy as students wore their class colors of 6(pink), 7(orange), 8(purple), 9(green), 10(blue), 11(red), and 12(yellow). The classes competed in skits, dances, scavenger hunts, and various obstacle races with much cheering, chanting, and amazing class spirit.

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