Investing in a Mercy Education While Saving for College

In discussions with hundreds of Mercy parents over the past four years, we are reminded of two things: our families value the quality of our educational opportunities and make the necessary efforts to invest in their daughters. Please keep this in mind while you consider sending your daughter to Mercy:

  • The families who chose Mercy are so grateful they did! Our biggest fans are our parents with students in college and beyond. They realize that who their daughter is today, the decisions she makes, how she sees the world and her part in it, and the opportunities in front of her, are closely linked to her Mercy experiences and the guidance and support she received while here with us.
  • Our administrative team strives to provide students and families the strongest return on their investment in education while keeping the highly valued Mercy degree accessible and affordable.
  • On average, 2019 Mercy graduates each received $239,000 in total scholarships from their combined accepted colleges… so the return on a Mercy investment is very real. Money spent for a Mercy education has the real potential to reduce money spent on college.

In her first year, apply for our Emerging Leadership scholarships, and be sure to apply for financial aid annually. During her time at Mercy, take note of your daughter’s growing confidence and connection to the community. Join her at events and reach out to our other parents as you are all in this together! You are making the right choice. As this time goes by so quickly, you will be forever grateful you gave your daughter this life-long gift.

Experience the Circle of Mercy

To truly understand how life changing Mercy is, schedule a visit. Tour the campus, meet us in person, and talk to our students and staff. From information sessions and tours, there are many ways to learn about the Circle of Mercy.

Your Journey to Mercy