Mercy Welcomes Students of all Faiths

Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women is a Roman Catholic middle and high school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. While most of our student body identify as Catholic, Mercy welcomes students of all faiths and religious backgrounds. Through our Campus Ministry programs, we seek to form our young women and staff in their faith and understanding of the Mercy mission while fostering their journey of discovery and personal growth.

As a Catholic institution, rituals and practices – like guided meditation, communion services, and morning prayers – are carried out during the school year. Eucharistic Liturgies are celebrated on all the major Roman Catholic feast days when school is in session. Students are required to attend Mass when it’s offered as a formal school event, however they can determine their own level of participation. This ranges from simply attending the service as an observer to more actively participating as a cantor, lector, or altar server. Non-Catholic students should not receive communion during Mass but are encouraged to approach the priest for a blessing.

Guided by a commitment to the virtues of hospitality, compassion, integrity, and respect for the inherent dignity of all, Mercy provides an enriching balance of learning, serving, and loving through theology classes, service trips, and class retreats. We encourage Mercy Girls to look for shared experiences between faiths, and to celebrate the diversity of belief among our students. Mercy is a place for young women to explore their spiritual side in a safe environment with a strong emphasis on character development.

Mercy’s crest is a visual symbol of our school’s strong unity and sisterhood. Baring our motto: “Via, Veritas, et Vita” (I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life), the crest displays that we are guided by the values of our Catholic identity while providing a welcoming and respectful atmosphere to students of diverse backgrounds. Despite having different beliefs and levels of faith, all students are part of the Mercy family—a loving and nurturing family that supports and values each individual.

Experience the Circle of Mercy

To truly understand how life changing Mercy is, schedule a visit. Tour the campus, meet us in person, and talk to our students and staff. From information sessions and tours, there are many ways to learn about the Circle of Mercy.

Your Journey to Mercy