Celebrating Black History Month

February 5, 2020

Mercy is gearing up for several activities and events honoring Black History Month. In the middle school, various aspects of Black history will be infused into daily curriculum, along with an assembly that will feature African-American accomplishments and words of wisdom for reflection. In the high school, Black history has always been an integral part of Mercy’s AP French curriculum, since so many regions in the Caribbean and countries in Africa are French-speaking. Mercy’s Mosaic Club, whose members strive to be role models for the Mercy community and beyond by embracing diversity and finding common ground, is sharing a significant fact each day of this special month during the morning announcements. Students in high school English classes are studying speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr, Sojourner Truth, and others. In addition, they are learning about Maya Angelou’s background as both a social activist and writer, creating their own free verse poems modeled on her work while relating the topic to social issues they will be researching. Students are also discussing the significance of how one of Nelson Mandela’s favorite poems, ‘Invictus,’ provided him with much-needed inspiration while imprisoned for his role in abolishing apartheid. These are just few of many ways Mercy is recognizing and celebrating Black History Month!

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