Congratulations OlaRose Ndubuisi! Do the Right Thing Award Winner

March 6, 2023

OlaRose was nominated by her mother, Dr. Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi, for her leadership and advocacy for children with scoliosis. At the beginning of 9th grade, OlaRose was diagnosed with scoliosis. Initially she felt alone and afraid. Although her curved spine and back brace were visible, her pain was not. However, she has managed to take what could have been a very negative experience in her life, and turn it into something very positive by helping raise awareness of this medical condition.

This past December, OlaRose started a project called Finding Scoliosis Kindly (FiSK) to increase scoliosis awareness, and to advocate for early management and treatment to prevent or improve the challenging physical, social, and emotional effects of scoliosis. She is passionate about her FiSK project because she believes that the effects of scoliosis are hidden and need to be revealed and understood in a kind way. OlaRose designed a t-shirt which she is selling in an effort to raise funds for free scoliosis screening in an underserved community. She also developed a research survey about scoliosis awareness, which has reached over 20 states, as well as other countries, and has enabled her to connect with other high school students. Both adults and children have participated, and through this project students have expressed increased knowledge about scoliosis, more empathy for those suffering from it, and have pledged to do an act of kindness a day.

Olarose uses poetry to convey and navigate her emotions and scoliosis journey. Writing poetry has helped her to freely express her experience with scoliosis and turn her pain into something beautiful and relatable. OlaRose hopes to start a Finding Scoliosis Kindly Club in her school. She envisions a club that would encourage writing and art as therapeutic, positive outlets for expression, for those both with and without scoliosis. She hopes to create a supportive, fun environment where students can feel comfortable communicating their thoughts verbally and artistically, without judgement or feeling that their emotions are not valid. To raise scoliosis awareness, OlaRose intends to organize monthly service projects that the club can do to help those in underserved communities to help prevent, improve, or manage scoliosis.

‘This’ young lady is an exemplary leader and role model for her peers and others in the community to use their voices, no matter how small, to raise positive awareness for causes affecting the vulnerable in the community. Despite her medical challenges, she maintains a radiant positivity, perseverance, and continues to excel academically.

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