The Circle of Mercy in Action! Julia Tedesco ‘01

April 1, 2020

The Circle of Mercy in Action! Julia Tedesco ‘01, President and CEO of Foodlink, has been on the front lines every day during this COVID-19 crisis. Whenever there is a disaster or emergency situation, it takes a toll on the economy and interrupts access to food. This disproportionately affects vulnerable populations. As the leader at Foodlink, Julia and her team responded quickly to COVID-19. Every day, they prepare 6,000 healthy meals for low income children in Rochester, and work with volunteers to pack emergency food supply boxes. In a four-week period, they will distribute more than 30,000 of these boxes to seniors, quarantined individuals, and other households across our region. It is exhausting work, but what keeps Julia going is her mission to feed people and her unwavering belief that food is a basic human right. In the photo, Julia is speaking with the press at an emergency food distribution in Irondequoit on March 20. Thank you, Julia!

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