The Circle of Mercy in Action! Megan Tehan, RN

April 6, 2020

The Circle of Mercy in Action! Megan Tehan RN, BSN, CCRN is the daughter of Mercy VP of Finance Peggy Kenrick. As a full-time nurse in the ICU at Highland Hospital, Megan is on the front lines caring for the most vulnerable and sick population of patients (she’s also studying to become a family nurse practitioner). Every shift contains uncertainty for Megan, now more than ever. With the pandemic, getting ready for work holds new meaning for her – not only physically but mentally. She could be saving someone’s life, holding the hands of families who are preparing to lose their loved one, or, despite all the hospital safety precautions in place, she may contract the virus herself. “Nurses take risks every day, because that’s what we have chosen to do,” Megan said. “I’ve never felt more blessed, or more sure, to be exactly where I’m supposed to be.” In the photo, Megan (middle) poses with her crew following decontamination before a shift. Thank you, Megan! ~ Are you in the Circle of Mercy helping on the front lines? Let us know! Email

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