The Circle of Mercy in Action! Nina Doyle ‘02 RN, BSN, CEN

April 9, 2020

The Circle of Mercy in Action! Nina Doyle ‘02 RN, BSN, CEN is not only on the front lines, but ‘above’ the front lines as well during this COVID-19 pandemic. Nina is a flight nurse for Mercy Flight Central, a not-for-profit, community-based helicopter emergency/critical care transport service. She and her crew care for critically sick and injured patients who need advanced life-saving treatment and fast transport to medical centers, and between rural hospitals and trauma centers. The flight crew has no doctor with them; they are expected to use their specialized training and knowledge to treat a wide variety of critical patients. As health care professionals, Nina and her team make every effort to protect themselves from the virus. After each transport, the crew has two hours of decontamination – themselves and the helicopter and equipment. Nina and her team are also on-call to assist with the evacuation of COVID-positive patients from New York City to smaller upstate hospitals to relieve some of the patient load. When Nina is not on a flight or home caring for her children and family, you can find her working in two area emergency rooms. “This is a true calling; I feel blessed to be who I am and do what I do,” Nina said. “I love being able to give back, especially in these highly stressful and emotional times.” Thank you, Nina! In the photo, Nina gears-up for a flight.

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