Safety and Security

Commissioner’s Regulation 155.17


School safety is the job of the entire school community.  This effort requires leadership and coordination by school administration, and involvement and participation from all sectors of the school community.  Planning, conducting drills, and participating in exercises with law enforcement, fire, emergency officials and other members of the school community ensures a comprehensive, unified approach to school emergency response planning.  Building relationships and community engagement are vital to building a safer school community.

Our Lady of Mercy is not required by law to adopt a School Safety Plan.  However, in the interest of school safety, the school has implemented the required Department of Education standards contained in 8 NYCRR Section 155.17 that provides the use of best practices to improve outcomes following emergency situations.

Actions and best practices are outlined in the School’s Building Level Emergency Response Plan and details what to do in the event of various emergencies.  This Emergency Response plan provides current information about school response team members, students and staff any other information critical to each school building.  The school has also identified appropriate staff to fill specific roles related to Incident Command and appropriate response teams.  All of Our Lady of Mercy’s administrators and other key members have been trained in the Incident Command System.  The school has also appointed a Chief Emergency Officer as required in order to coordinate and communicate between staff, law enforcement and first responders.  The Chief Emergency Officer is responsible for ensuring the completion and yearly update of the Building-Level Emergency Response Plan.  The Building-Level Emergency Response Plan is confidential but it is submitted to New York State and local emergency responders for review.  Appropriate training and drilling is required to ensure that all school personnel and students understand the plan and their roles and responsibilities.


While our Lady of Mercy is not required to implement all of the school safety measures identified in the Commissioner of the New York State Education Department regulation 8 NYCRR Section 155.17, it has chosen to follow those standards and standardized Emergency Responses.  Our Lady of Mercy is dedicated to being a leader in student and staff safety.  All of the school’s confidential procedures are listed in the Building Level Emergency Response Plans.


Plan Development and Maintenance

The Our Lady of Mercy Building-Level Emergency Response Team will develop each Building-Level Emergency Response Plan.  8 NYCRR Section 155.17 (b) and 155.17 (c)(11) – requires that each school shall have a Building-Level Emergency Response Team that consists of representatives from the following groups: teacher, administrator, and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel, community members, local law enforcement officials, local ambulance or other emergency response agencies, and any other representatives the of the board, chancellor or other governing body deems appropriate. A Building-Level Response team and Post Incident Response team will also be appointed.

The Building-Level Emergency Response Team is responsible for the overall development, maintenance, and revision of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and for coordinating training and exercising the School ERP.  Team members are expected to work closely together to make recommendations for revising and enhancing the plan.

Distribution of the Plan

8 NYCRR Section 155.17 (e)(3) mandates that a copy of the ERP and any amendments shall be filed with the appropriate local law enforcement agency and with the New York State Police within thirty days of adoption. The school also submits the plan to the Brighton Police Department.  This function will be completed by the Chief Emergency Officer or the School Principal.

Send Building-Level Safety Plans to:

New York State Police
Headquarters – Field Command
Attn: Safe Schools NY
1220 Washington Avenue, Building 22
Albany, NY 12226

Or by e-mail to:

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