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College Planning

The college search and application process can be daunting, but our experienced Counseling team is here to provide each student and her family the support and resources they need. Comprised of five counselors who are all trained in college planning, our department coordinates PSAT and Pre-ACT test administration, on-site college fairs, and offers a summer college application workshop.

Throughout the school year, we offer classroom seminars to students, as well as evening and after-school seminars for parents/guardians on topics such as the college application process, financial aid, SAT/ACT, and more.


In middle school, students are introduced to Naviance, a college and career planning software that serves as a vital resource in the college search and application process as well as career exploration. Naviance allows students to learn about their strengths and reflect on their interests and apply their self-discovery to their college and career paths. At each grade level, counselors and students work together to explore and use the different features of Naviance.

Enrichment Opportunities

At Mercy, we value a student’s experience outside of the classroom as well as her academics. We encourage each Mercy Girl to seek opportunities that will enrich her education, expand her horizons, and guide her toward finding her passion in life. The links below are available to students who are looking for opportunities to explore college and career path options during and after high school.

College Planning Timeline

  • Introduction to Naviance
  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • ‘Do What You Are’ Interest Inventory
  • Transition to high school and academic expectations of a college prep curriculum
  • Educate/promote good study habits and time management skills
  • Encourage participation in activities outside the classroom – discovering interests and passions; making connections to self-awareness; share information about clubs; Find out what interests you/get involved in extracurricular activities/identify personal/academic goals
  • Promote summer enrichment opportunities
  • Academic planning: 4-year plan – graduation requirements
  • Administer PSAT 8/9
  • Introduction to Naviance -What is it? About ME, Game Plan, start resume, complete Freshman survey
  • Focus on peer relationships and class unity
  • Introduce College Board web site – register for student accounts
  • Administer Pre-ACT – first look at ACT and practice
  • Personality Inventory via Naviance – ‘Do What You Are’
  • Encourage opportunity for leadership – HOBY
  • Communicate opportunities for enrichment, leadership, and service – making a connection to strengths
  • Encourage visits to college campuses locally and out-of-town when traveling near a campus
  • Continue updating resume
  • Promote attendance at college fairs and college visits
  • Administer PSAT/NMSQT – prepare and practice for SAT
  • Junior Parent Night
  • Distribution of College Planning Guides
  • College Planning Day on local college campus with entire class
  • Visits at Mercy with college admissions representatives
  • Individual appointments  with counselor
  • Naviance – navigating the college search
  • Creation of a list of colleges to investigate
  • College Fairs – National College Fair, RAC, JET; promote other local college fairs
  • Encourage students to consider which teachers to ask for letters of recommendation – ask teachers in spring
  • SAT/ACT prep at Mercy; encourage to take the test(s) spring of Junior year
  • Seniors meet regularly with their counselor to receive assistance with completion of application process
  • Students and parents complete a questionnaire that helps with letter of recommendation
  • Refine and complete resume
  • Provide guidance with college essay – work with English Department and provide referrals
  • Senior Parent Night
  • Continue visits with individual college representatives
  • Individual appointments with counselor to provide guidance in completing applications
  • Holiday Social with most recent graduates/college fair for seniors/juniors
  • Encourage students to apply for scholarships/nominate students for scholarships
  • Decision Day celebration!
  • Transition to autonomy – what to expect in college/issues related to safety

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