Counseling/Student Wellness

Money for College

Mercy’s Class of 2021 merited $42 million in scholarship offers from a variety of colleges and universities. In addition to grants and scholarships, there are many different types of financial support that are available to students. Financial Aid can be in the form of:

  • Loans – (money you will have to pay back), funded by the state or federal government, by the college or private lenders.
  • Grants – generated by financial need.
  • Military Aid
  • Scholarships  – free money sponsored by the college or private organization.
  • Work Study – when a student works part time on campus to earn money to supplement payment of college bills.

With the understanding that each family’s financial situation is different, we are readily available to discuss and explore different options with each student and provide her with the necessary resources to explore opportunities for aid and a post-graduation plan that best suits her needs. Please browse the links below for more information on scholarships, and financial aid.

If you’re applying for a scholarship/award, which requires your transcript, please fill out the pink request form, which can be found in the Counseling Office, or click here.