Yearbook Information

Veritas is now available for purchase from the publisher. The cost of the yearbook is $70 for grades 6-11, and $75 for the senior package. In order to guarantee a yearbook, orders must be placed by December 17 of this year. A limited number of copies will be available for purchase after that date, but availability is not guaranteed.

To Order:

  1. Visit
  2. Type in Mercy’s order number: 4061
  3. Select Order a Yearbook
  4. Choose the number of books you would like to order
  5. Type in your student’s name.

***If you are unable to locate your daughter’s name, select “add a name” and type in your daughter’s name and grade level.

  1. Check out to complete your order.

The deadline to submit senior photos is November 17 of this year. After that date, if no photo has been submitted, the student’s ID photo will be used.

Photo Requirements:

  1. Photo quality should be a minimum of 300 DPI to be reproduced clearly.
  2. Photos should be in color.
  3. Photos should be head and shoulders only. Mercy reserves the right to crop the photo appropriately to meet the requirements.
  4. Photos should meet dress code requirements as published in the Student Handbook:
  • Students’ hair, makeup, and jewelry must be clean and neat, hair must be a natural color.
  • Facial jewelry, including tongue piercing, eyebrow rings, and nose studs are not permitted.
  • Visible tattoos, permanent or temporary, are not permitted
  • Low-cut or see-thru tops or blouses are not permitted

**The strict interpretation of this dress code is left entirely to the judgment of the Administration and OLM faculty.  Photos submitted in violation of this dress code will not be included, students will be offered an opportunity to submit an alternate photo.  If no photo is received, the student’s ID photo will be used.

It is a time-honored Mercy tradition for parents of seniors to submit a baby photo of their graduating senior along with a personal message to their student.

Criteria for submission:

  1. Photos should be submitted here and should be in a jpeg format.
  2. All message blocks are the same size and space is limited, please keep your message brief.  (4-5 short sentences). OLM reserves the right to edit messages for length
  3. All messages and the $25 cost should be submitted to the Main Office no later than December 1.

September 22:  Return Google form to Mrs. McAdoo indicating how you would like your name to appear in the yearbook. If no response, the full name you are registered under will be used.

October 6: Senior Quote Google form due to Mrs. McAdoo. Note – all quotes are reviewed by the administration. Quotes determined to be inappropriate will not be published.

November 3:  Ballots for senior superlatives due to Mrs. McAdoo

November 17:  Senior photos due

December 17:  Senior baby photos due.