Andrea Davis Zopp '74

A deep love of learning brought Andrea Davis Zopp ‘74 to Mercy, where she found herself the youngest member of her freshman class. But any worries about her age disappeared after her first day as she quickly made connections with classmates that have lasted a lifetime. “At Mercy, we were able to form a unique bond that stripped away some of the competitiveness that can take place between girls at a co-ed school. We were not just friends; we were advocates for each other, supporting one another in our individual and collective pursuits,” Andrea said.

Andrea developed bonds with her teachers that often turned into mentorships. Her teachers continually encouraged her to explore, question, and seek out how things work, igniting Andrea’s curiosity and creativity and inspiring her to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. Auditioning for theater was an experience that Andrea said has served her extremely well in her career as president and CEO of World Business Chicago by teaching her once valuable lesson: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Andrea credits much of her professional success to her time at Mercy. “The confidence I gained at Mercy allowed me to enter rooms and sit at tables where no one else looked like me… to share my voice and speak up until I was heard,” said Andrea. “My Mercy education is a big part of why I continue to be an outspoken advocate about what I believe to be right.”

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