Claire Mongeau '07

Claire Mongeau ’07 began her education at Mercy as a shy 7th grader. Claire always knew she wanted to do something to change the world, but at age 12, she didn’t know exactly what that would be. Her combined love of education, instilled in her by her mother, as well as her desire to travel to distant lands and experience other cultures, planted the seed that led Claire on a journey she never could have imagined.

With her newfound sense of purpose and empathetic mindset she developed at Mercy, Claire founded M-Shule, based in Nairobi, Kenya. M-Shule—which means ‘mobile school’ in Swahili—is a personalized tutoring platform that uses artificial intelligence to deliver learning support to primary students through basic mobile texting. Now settled in her “dream job,” Claire knows she’s on the right path in her life as her vision continues to help children gain a love of learning to improve their opportunities in life.

“I really attribute my perspective on my life and work to Mercy,” Claire said. “Mercy allowed me to try new things and take on leadership opportunities that made such a difference to my self-confidence and self-worth. It gave me the leadership skills that have allowed me to help deliver educational success to regions of the globe that so desperately need it.”

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