Dorothy Pecoraro ’59 and Sister Pat Prinzing '58

The phrase ‘life-long friends’ has never rung truer than for Dorothy Pecoraro ’59 and Sister Pat Prinzing ’58. Circumstance may have brought them together at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in the 1950s, but it was their affinity for each other that maintained their bond of sisterhood for 60 years.

Similar to today’s initiative, Mercy’s Big Sister program was tremendously popular in the school’s early years. By pairing sophomores with incoming freshman, the Big Sister tradition provided a way for new students to feel welcomed at Mercy and give them a support structure to help them navigate their new school. Dorothy, an only child and younger than typical freshmen, leaned on her big sister quite often. “It was great to be friends with someone who already had a year under her belt at Mercy,” said Dorothy. “Pat helped me learn the ropes, which made me feel incredibly comfortable.”

Throughout the years, Sister Pat and Dorothy connected often — if not in person, then by cards and letters. Both are happy to stay in touch and hear about each other’s adventures. Knowing that her little sister is doing well provides Sister Pat with a sense of relief as well as nostalgia. “No matter how many years go by, a part of our past will always remain with us.”

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