Ashley Amalfi '02

When she arrived at Mercy as a seventh grader, Dr. Ashley Amalfi ‘02 was mostly interested in art, and she was very good at it. But during the next five years at Mercy, she also found herself drawn toward the field of medicine. While she didn’t see it at the time, encouragement from her teachers led her to combining her dual passions and ignited a future for Ashley to become a Board-Certified plastic surgeon.

Ashley credits her Mercy teachers for giving her the tools and life skills necessary to achieve her goals. “Mercy taught me to be a strong woman, and that if I worked hard to achieve my goals there were no limits to what I could do in life,” said Ashley. “A constant voice in my ear encouraged me to search and find what I loved to do.” As she embarked on her path to higher education, Ashley took with her the fundamentals of perseverance and a solid work ethic, as well as unwavering self-confidence.

Despite entering a male-dominated field, she never doubted her ability to excel and succeed. To this day, she believes all opportunities are equally hers if she just works hard; there are no limits to what she can become. She shares this message with future Mercy Girls, noting that, “The Mercy experience is like no other. Soak up the people, the experiences, the culture, and the lessons. All of this will serve you well in your future and remain the backbone of your success.”

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