Heather Goodbody '87

The first moments of inspiration for Heather Hanson Goodbody ’87 were drawn from her parents – both thriving business people – who taught Heather at a young age that she could achieve anything she wanted out of life. Heather’s mom attended an all-girls school and experienced the life-long benefit of that environment. Wanting to give their daughter the same educational advantage, the family chose Mercy for Heather. It proved to be a great decision.

At Mercy, Heather pushed herself to excel in academics, clubs, and theatrical productions. She interacted with wonderfully forward-thinking teachers who echoed the inspirational beliefs of her parents. The diverse culture at Mercy served as a catalyst which solidified Heather’s confidence and drove her to be a better human being. It set the stage for Heather’s success as a Private Wealth Advisor at Merrill Lynch.

Now serving as the Chair on Mercy’s Board of Trustees, Heather looks back at her years in school and reflects on how the environment at Mercy helped teach her how to be a stronger leader. She is thankful for the countless opportunities available to each and every student. “As Mercy Girls, we got to be the boss – in clubs, athletics, and so many other activities,” Heather said. “We were able to take charge and be in charge… making leaders out of all of us. Mercy motivated us to go from good to great.”

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