Isabelle Sakmyster '23

Mercy 9th grader Isabelle Sakmyster ’23 excelled in her studies when she attended public school; she was nearly always at the top of her class in her subjects. Because of this, Belle struggled to find ways to challenge herself academically. She wanted to be pushed, and she needed inspiration. Belle and her family knew it was time for a change. So, she enrolled at Mercy as a 7th grader.

Immediately, Belle noticed something. At Mercy, she needed to study longer and with more enthusiasm. She embraced this challenge and pushed herself in all of her subjects. She leaned heavily on her teachers who continue to serve as her biggest advocates. A tight-knit relationship flourished and inspiration flowed naturally. Belle now views her teachers as mentors — trained educators who can not only teach her math and science, but who can also help her forge her way through middle school and beyond.

A critical component of Belle’s growth, and the growth of all Mercy Girls, is the development of each student’s moral compass. It is one of six elements that make up Mercy’s new World Class Learner approach to academics. In addition to a moral compass, Belle will be a risk taker, problem solver, and communicator. She will be globally ready and demonstrate a growth mindset. Belle has only been a member of the Circle of Mercy for one year, but she is well on her way to excelling as a world-class learner.

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