The Power of an All-Girl Education

By Heidi Liebert Fine 1996, Mercy Graduate and Teacher

I have spent 20 years of my life learning in an all-female environment; four years a student, and 16 years as an educator. When I graduated from Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women in 1996, I took for granted the power of an all-girl environment. It wasn’t until I majored in Biochemistry in college that I realized what my all-girl education did for me. I exuded confidence in all of my college courses thanks to the rigorous education and sisterhood I enjoyed in high school. Because of the foundation I received at an all-girls school, I never had a problem taking a leadership role, problem-solving, or actively participating in college in any number of endeavors. I excelled and it was because of Mercy’s academic environment. It was safe. It was demanding. It was fun. It is exactly what a girl needs to become a leader. After I graduated, I knew I needed to return to Mercy to help the next generation of girls develop the confidence, competence, and compassion that made me who I am today.

Every day I come to class happy to see these young women. All of the teachers here know how lucky we are to teach in this all-girl environment. I tell my students, “Many of you will be future doctors and engineers, and it is my job to make sure you succeed.” Mercy Girls thrive and grow. They are not encumbered by the dynamics that may be present in some co-educational school environments.

I am so proud when my former students return to Mercy and share stories of their success. They are scientists, wealth managers, authors, political strategists, U.S. Marine captains, entrepreneurs, and directors of industry. They are everything imaginable. But no matter who they are, or how they change the world, they are first and foremost – and will always be – Mercy Girls.

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