An incredible return on investment

Tuition and Financial Aid

A Mercy education is truly life changing, and a Mercy education is an investment in your daughter’s future. Mercy is able to maintain affordable tuition rates thanks to our generous donors: alumnae, families, and friends. Their contributions help bridge the gap between the actual cost of a Mercy education and the tuition we charge – saving each and every parent over $2,000 per student.

$9,420 (grade 6)
$12,165 (grades 7-8)
$13,120 (grades 9-11)
$13,450 (grade 12)


  • Mercy’s 1-to-1 technology program is included in the cost of tuition/fees. All middle school students (grades 6-8) are equipped with a Google Chromebook. High school students utilize Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Seniors are given their Surface Pro computer upon graduation.
  • New student enrollment is guaranteed with the payment of a $300 non-refundable registration payment, due at the time of registration. Returning students are subject to a $300 re-enrollment deposit, due at the time of course registration for the subsequent school year. Re-enrollment deposits are applied towards tuition payments for the upcoming year and are non-refundable.
  • Tuition billing is processed in June for fall enrollments. Mercy utilizes FACTS tuition management, which offers three different payment plans. Tuition can be paid via:
    • A single payment, due July 15
    • In two equal payments, due July 15 and December 15
    • In 10 equal monthly payments from July to April

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Mercy’s robust scholarship and financial aid program awarded more than $1.6 million in 2020-2021 and more than 80% of families who applied for tuition assistance received an award. We offer merit scholarships, need-based aid, and a multiple student tuition incentive. Students who wish to be considered for merit scholarships must have submitted and completed all Mercy admissions materials by February 28. Students must also take the entrance exam by the published February date. Tuition assistance applications can be started as early as January 1 of the year for which your daughter is applying for admission. It is highly encouraged that financial aid applications are completed by March 15.

Mercy determines scholarship and financial aid decisions separately from admissions decisions. As such, scholarships and financial aid will not be awarded until after a student has been accepted to Mercy and are communicated in a separate mailing.

Mercy’s need-based tuition assistance program is available to help families who may not be able to meet the full tuition commitment. Our financial aid process reviews each family’s individual circumstances because each family is unique and considers many factors – not just income. While financial aid awards vary by family, the average amount of aid awarded to middle school families is $3,000; the average aid awarded to high school students is $4,100. Financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis; families must re-apply each year.

Mercy does not award financial aid until after a student has been accepted through the admissions process. Families are encouraged to start and submit financial aid applications concurrently with admissions applications. Financial aid decisions are granted on a rolling basis after a student has been accepted to Mercy and a family’s FACTS application is complete. Financial aid awards do contain a deadline for acceptance; a family must register their daughter at Mercy by the deadline or the aid award will be forfeited.

Financial aid applications for the upcoming school year are available on January 1, and are accepted on an ongoing basis until the start of school. Mercy recommends all families complete the aid application by March 15. Applications submitted after that date will be reviewed and considered, however there is no guarantee that funds will be available.

To apply, visit the FACTS web site. This site will ask you to upload your prior year W-2 form and most recent tax return. For example, if you are completing the FACTS application in January 2021, you will need to provide your 2020 W-2 form and your 2019 tax return.

If you receive an error message, or have any questions about the FACTS application process or your aid application status, please contact FACTS directly at (866-441-4637) as they are best suited to assist. All financial aid applications are confidential and aid decisions do not affect a student’s admissions decision. You will receive an email confirmation from FACTS when your application is complete.

Financial aid appeals will only be considered if there has been a significant change in circumstances since the financial aid application was completed (loss of a job, unexpected medical expenses, etc.). Appeals must be made in writing to Ms. Peggy Kenrick, Vice President of Finance, at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610. If you have a question on a financial aid award or the appeal process, contact Ms. Kenrick directly at 585-288-7120 x307 or

A number of academic-based, partial scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability as they begin their Mercy experience. Students who wish to be considered for academic scholarships must take the entrance exam by the scheduled February date and must have submitted all Mercy admissions application materials by February 28.

McAuley Middle School Scholarships award up to $500 per year to incoming middle school students (grades 6-8) and the award continues throughout the students’ middle school years. Scholarship recipients are selected based upon the results of the grade-specific entrance exam.

Rising 9th grade academic scholarships are awarded through an invitation-only scholarship application. Invitations are based on a student’s entrance exam results, and in some cases, specific scholarship criteria. These scholarships award a student $500/year for four years, for a total scholarship value of $2,000. Based upon GPA, current Mercy 8th grade students may be invited to apply for the scholarship and be considered for these awards as they enter 9th grade.

  • Sister Mary Francesca Alumnae Scholarship
  • William J. Stoltz Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Circle of Mercy Scholarship

Mercy is proud to recognize a commitment to leadership and promote the development of leadership skills in our students. The Emerging Leaders Scholarships are awarded to incoming students who have demonstrated leadership skills and display the potential to be a leader at Mercy. Each scholarship is a one-year, $1,000 award to be applied toward a student’s first year of tuition at Mercy.

Application deadline: February 1

Notifications: Award recipients will be notified no later than March 15. All complete applications will be reviewed by a faculty and staff scholarship committee.

Scholarship Application Overview:

The Emerging Leaders Scholarship application consists of two parts:

  • Student essay
    • Carefully review the Mercy Profile of a Graduate. Select one trait from the Profile which resonates with you. In a minimum five-paragraph essay:
      • Describe how you have demonstrated and/or developed this trait, using specific examples.
      • Explain why you feel this trait is important for leadership.
      • Share how you believe Mercy will help you continue to develop this trait.
    • Successful essays will fully address all three prompts outlined above.
    • Essays will be evaluated using the writing rubric found here. Essays are evaluated on meaning, development of ideas, organization, language use, and conventions of language.
  • Recommendation letter – one (1) required
    • Recommendation letters must be from a non-family member. Successful recommendations will be from a person who can speak to your leadership skills.
    • All recommendations must be submitted online. Recommendations are to be submitted using this Google Form.
      • All recommendations must be submitted via this link. Please share it with your recommender so they may complete the submission.
    • Only one recommendation is required for the application. Additional recommendation submissions are optional.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all materials are submitted and that the scholarship application is complete by the deadline. This includes ensuring that the scholarship recommendation letter has been submitted by February 1.

Other Requirements:

  • Students must take the Mercy entrance exam on the November, December, or February scheduled exam date.
  • All admissions materials for the student’s admissions file must be submitted no later than February 28. Admissions application requirements can be reviewed here.

Submission Process:

Applications can be mailed to Alana Caston, Admissions Coordinator, Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610. Please ensure your daughter’s name is clearly included in the submission.

A fully complete application can also be emailed to Please include “Emerging Leaders Scholarship” in the subject line.

Due to the volume of applications, we cannot respond to requests to check application status, or to verify that applications are complete.

If you have questions regarding the Emerging Leaders application process, please contact Alana Caston at or 585-288-7120 ext. 304.

A variety of leadership scholarships are granted annually to current students based on teacher nominations and a panel review.

  • Colleen Harrington Scholarship: for students in grades 8-12 ($500 each for one year only).
  • Sue Clifford-Alvut Scholarship: for students in grades 6-8 ($2,500 for one year only).

The Cheryl Speranza Leadership Institute was designed to help create the next generation of diverse civic, community, and business leaders. As part of this program, it includes up to 11 full tuition scholarships for members of Mercy’s class of 2023 (incoming 9th grade students). The Cheryl Speranza Leadership scholars will be minority students who demonstrate academic promise, natural leadership ability, work ethic, and have a financial need that would otherwise prevent the student from attending Mercy. Each scholarship provides full tuition for the four years a student is at Mercy (grades 9-12). Speranza scholars will also be provided with the necessary tools to succeed in school and life, including access to mentors, tutors, and youth advocates as well as life and career assistance throughout college, graduate school, and their careers. Read more from Open Mic Rochester.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis, and early applications are encouraged.

Application Overview and Requirements:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all materials are submitted and that the application is complete.

Application Requirements:

  1. Admissions application to Mercy, resulting in a positive admissions decision. This requires:
    1. Completion of the Mercy entrance exam.
    2. Review of the student’s academic file, which must include their 7th grade report card, 8th grade report card to date, and results of any recent standardized tests. If a student has learning accommodations including but not limited to an IEP or 504 plan these documents must also be provided. Note: Mercy will provide a records release form at the entrance exam to assist in the compiling of these materials.
  2. Completion of the Mercy need-based online financial aid application (FACTS)
  3. Five paragraph essay, authored by the applicant, describing why she is interested in the program and how she sees the Speranza Institute and scholarship benefiting her leadership journey. The essay should be submitted to Mercy with a cover page which includes the following information:
    1. Student Name
    2. Current Grade
    3. Mailing Address
  4. All letters must follow the template provided here and be submitted directly to Mercy from the recommending party.
  5. Two letters of recommendation from current or former teachers; teachers must have instructed student within the last two years.
  6. Two (2) character reference letters from non-family members.

Candidates must also complete an in-person scholarship interview, to be held at Our Lady of Mercy. Interviews are invitation-only, based on a candidate’s application.

Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed by the Speranza application committee, which includes members of the Mercy staff as well as the Cheryl Speranza Institute Executive Committee. Successful applicants will be minority students who demonstrate a history of academic success and promise, emerging leadership skills, and have a clear financial need that would otherwise prevent the student from attending Mercy.

Selected applicants will be invited to Our Lady of Mercy for a scholarship interview. Candidates who are not invited to or do not complete the interview are not eligible for the scholarship award.

Submission Process:

Applications will be accepted in-person at Mercy, or can be mailed to Linda Dickey, Cheryl Speranza Leadership Institute, c/o Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610. A fully complete application can also be emailed to Please include “Cheryl Speranza Leadership Scholarship” in the subject line. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot respond to requests to check application status, or to verify that applications are complete.


If you have questions regarding the Cheryl Speranza Leadership Scholarship application process, please contact Linda Dickey at or 585-288-7120 x360.

Students applying to Our Lady of Mercy may wish to pursue scholarship opportunities available from organizations in the Greater Rochester area. The Rochester Area Community Foundation provides many scholarship opportunities for both middle and high school students. Residents of the Diocese of Rochester may be eligible to apply for the Reddington Scholarship, in conjunction with Canandaigua National Bank. Children of nursing employees at St. Ann’s Community may be eligible for tuition scholarships directly from St. Ann’s. Our Lady of Mercy is not affiliated with the organizations listed and is not involved in the awarding of or decisions related to third-party or community scholarships.

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