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Our Lady of Mercy is a Catholic school for young women in grades 6-12 offering a college preparatory academic program. Our school is a sponsored ministry of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and a member of Mercy Education. As such we are committed to the education of young women of all faiths and backgrounds.

Since 1928, Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women has been a life changing experience for over 13,000 students. Our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to experience academic excellence, spirituality, and lifelong success. Mercy’s academic curriculum is college preparatory. Over 70% of the student population participates in the athletics program as members of over 30 sports teams.

Mercy students take part in many extracurricular activities, including clubs, student-led groups, and the performing arts. Ministry and service are integral parts of the Mercy experience. The traditions of Mercy date back to 1928 and include Spirit Week, Golden Mass, and May Day. Mercy alumnae are active with their alma mater, participating in reunions and fundraisers, and many become parents of Mercy students. Leadership on campus and in the community helps students achieve greatness in their college years and beyond.

Letter from Principal

Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women is proudly accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). Every seven years, we take part in the reaccreditation process. Through the use of surveys, data analysis, and collaborative work, this self-study protocol guides the faculty, staff, and Mercy community to assess where we currently are as a school and to create goals for where we want to be by 2027.

The MSA requires school-wide OBJECTIVES; ACTION PLANS to reach those objectives; and specified, detailed REPORTING that documents Mercy’s process. This process started in January 2019 with an evaluation and appropriate revisions of Mercy’s foundation documents: Mission Statement, Belief Statements, and Profile of a Graduate. These documents are the building blocks for not only our MSA work, but also serve as the basis for decision making at all levels – from the classroom to the boardroom.

A Mercy Graduate…

  • Is grounded in her Faith
  • Is a healthy Risk Taker
  • Demonstrates a Growth Mindset
  • Is Globally Ready
  • Is Resilient
  • Is a Problem Solver
  • Is a Communicator

Click the buttons below to explore how Mercy is addressing the Middle States reaccreditation process, learn more about our Leadership Distinction Program, and review our Program of Studies which demonstrates how leadership training is infused throughout our curricula.

  • Mercy has been educating young women since 1928.
  • Mercy students hail from near and far, including Albania, China, Congo, Kosovo, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and South Korea. Locally, 40 school districts are represented among the ranks of our students.
  • Each year, 100% of seniors graduate and between 99% and 100% of our graduates go on to higher education, attending nationally renowned institutions such as Boston College, Brown University, Cornell University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, MIT, Rochester Institute of Technology, U.S. Naval Academy, Notre Dame, University of Rochester, Villanova, Yale and many other prestigious schools.
  • Mercy’s Class of 2022 merited a total of $31 million in college scholarships.
  • SAT test scores of Mercy students rank higher than the national average.
  • Over 70% of the student population participates in the athletics program as members of over 30 sports teams.
  • Mercy provides more than $1.5 million annually in tuition assistance.
  • Mercy boasts more than 13,500 alumnae, many of whom are actively involved in the school.

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