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Leadership Distinction Program

Mercy’s Leadership Distinction Program offers further preparation and skill development for future leaders by immersing our high school students in leadership studies, self-reflection, and experiential learning. As students build their skill development in leadership, they will simultaneously build their transcript and readiness for future success in college and career. Program assessment is linked to Mercy’s Profile of Graduate outcomes and five key characteristics of emotional intelligence: communication, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships, time management, and the ability to be a healthy risk-taker. All high school students became eligible for the Leadership Distinction Program at the beginning of the academic year, regardless of grade. Students are not required to have previous leadership experience to join the program, simply the desire to build their personal skill set and understanding of effective leadership.


  • Academic Course Selection – Mercy currently offers 13 academic courses that emphasize leadership including Leadership Studies, Morality, Virtual Enterprise, Speech, and Media Literacy. Some classes also include college credits, further developing college transcripts. As Mercy’s program of studies continues to grow and evolve annually, more leadership electives will be added.
  • Co-Curricular Opportunities – Co-curricular opportunities incorporate school leadership, academic competitions, extracurricular activities, ministry, and attendance at symposiums, speeches, or conferences into the students’ experience.
  • Experiential Learning – Leadership candidates will engage in experiential leadership opportunities including school-based internships, job shadowing, and external internships.

Advisory Board

The Mercy Leadership Distinction Program is supported by an advisory board led by Melinda Good Members of the advisory board include Beth Guzzetta, Dean of Academics; Sherylanne Diodato ’93 Ph.D., Principal; and community members with backgrounds in student and/or community leadership at the collegiate level. The advisory board meets regularly to consult on the program, monitor students’ progress, and serve as a panel for final competency presentation exams in the student’s senior year.

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