Preparing girls for our high-tech world

STEM Initiative

A strong foundation in STEM allows Mercy Girls to access a broader range of careers and learn to think critically about data and information. These computational thinking skills are focused on logical, creative, and complex problem solving—skills that employers are increasingly seeking in potential hires. A strong STEM foundation can position our students to not only be smart consumers of technological advances but, equally important, to be the creators of those advancements. We are all well aware how girls are capable of not only contributing diverse perspectives to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math fields, but also bring unique experiences and skills. As girls, they are capable of driving forward progress in STEM fields through their wonderful gifts.

In 2021, OLM formed its STEM Committee to raise the bar at Mercy with regards to education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in order to better prepare our young women for success in today’s increasingly high-tech collaborative world. The Committee has come a long way, but they are just scratching the surface. New classes, new equipment, and new partnerships are all on the horizon.

Funding our Future

Mercy’s expanding STEM initiative requires dedicated donors to help us continue to grow and enhance program offerings. These new courses include Scientific Research and Investigation (post AP college level course), AP Environmental, and AP Calculus BC. We plan to revamp Tech 7 with the addition of a laser cutter or 3D printer so students will be able to construct models of their designs. We also want to revamp Tech 8 by adding programmable drones that students will build as well as program for specific tasks while increasing geospatial reasoning skills. Mercy plans to replace Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics courses with 3-D Design and Advanced 3-D Design by adding technology such as 3D printing and possibly laser cutter technology. In addition, we will replace Advanced Digital Photography with Digital Design and Animation which is more encompassing because it includes more advanced current technology. Additional courses may include:

  • Biomechanical Engineering/Humanitarian Engineering
  • International Scientific Research
  • Coding Humans and Beyond
  • Robust Robotics program (in addition to the Robotics Club)
  • Marine Biology Advancement (submersible inclusion)
  • Aviation and Terrestrial Navigation (land and air drone inclusion)

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Mercy is on its way to achieving our goal! To make your contribution – and your permanent mark on Mercy’s success – click the button below. Thank you!

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