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High School

Mercy’s college preparatory academic program develops critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills grounded in values that will help students make a difference in the world. The girls experience challenging collegiate core classes while being offered multiple opportunities in STEM, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Business, and electives in Social Studies, English, Math, and Science. Students have the opportunity to engage in college level coursework by choosing from a wide variety of Advanced Placement and dual credit courses. Each student is provided with a Microsoft Surface Pro table computer, and teachers thoughtfully integrate technology in to their instruction while teaching students to be respectful and responsible digital citizens.

Each year, 100% of seniors graduate and nearly 100% continue their studies, attending prestigious universities across the country. Mercy’s Class of 2022 merited $31 million in scholarship offers (cumulative from all four-year college/university acceptances) proving the value of a Mercy education. Throughout high school, students and families work closely with our four experienced high school counseling staff to discover the students’ academic and career interests while discussing and planning for collegiate acceptances and scholarship opportunities.

of seniors graduate

$31 million
in total scholarship offers merited by Class of 2022

experienced high-school counselors

Leadership Distinction Program

Mercy’s Leadership Distinction Program offers further preparation and skill development for future leaders by immersing our high school students in leadership studies, self-reflection, and experiential learning. As students build their skill development in leadership, they will simultaneously build their transcript and readiness for future success in college and career. Click the button below to learn more about the program.

Senior Motto Project (Graduation Requirement)

Mercy’s unique Motto Project is a required two-semester process in which rising seniors pursue independent research on a question or problem that relates to the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. These concerns include: the Fullness of Life for Women, Nonviolence, Anti-Racism, Immigration, and Care for Earth. With the guidance of a faculty mentor and advisor, seniors produce a substantial presentation that reflects a deep understanding of their chosen topic. In addition, there is an ‘action’ portion of their Motto Project, one that helps the student gain first-hand knowledge of their topic along with valuable real-world experience.

Students are strongly encouraged to choose a topic in which they have some competence based on their academic work, professional experience, or exploration of future career options. In March, each senior presents their findings to a diverse panel of faculty, staff, and community members. This panel provides constructive and valuable feedback to the presenter, focusing on the Motto rubric.

Mercy’s Motto Project is both a valuable intellectual experience and also a vehicle through which students can demonstrate their research, analytical, and writing skills to prospective colleges and universities.

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