Working to Make Mercy an Agent of Change

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women has formed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. The work of the Committee has been shaped by the feedback from the virtual listening sessions we conducted throughout June 2020 when we heard concerns and ideas for change and action from students, parents, and alumnae. The sessions, Racism – Working to Make Mercy an Agent of Change, were facilitated by Linda Dickey, Chair of the Cheryl Speranza Leadership Institute. One of the key takeaways was the desire for Mercy to take a more consciously anti-racist stance, as well as an active role in ensuring diversity and equity among the Mercy community.

During the past year, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has worked to create a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report. The report – sparked in large part thanks to initial concerns from Mercy alumnae last summer – includes data from the June 2020 Listening Sessions, faculty/staff surveys as well as interviews with staff, parents, alumnae and students. The DEI report helps us, as a school and community, generate and answer question such as: how can we more effectively recruit, hire, retain and promote a diverse workforce; include diversity, equity and inclusion professional learning for everyone in the Circle of Mercy; defeat racism and classism; and ensure that Mercy continues to be a fully inclusive and a safe place for all girls.

In alignment with the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concern of combating racism, the Committee will focus its energies on providing ongoing strategic direction and operational guidance to support development of a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan at the school. The Committee developed a Strategic Plan with the following Key Goals:

#1 – Continue to Provide a Safe Place for all girls.

Promote Mercy’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive school experience for all students by creating structures and capacity so that all girls continue to feel safe.

It is essential all members of the Circle of Mercy continue to feel safe and that their faces, voices, and experiences are heard, reflected and valued.

  • Strategic Areas of Focus: 
    • 1.1 – Support Systems
    • 1.2 – Enrichment

#2 – Develop a Professional Learning Plan for Faculty/Staff, Students, Parents, Alumnae, and the Board of Trustees.

Provide professional development on diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of the Circle of Mercy including staff, faculty, students, parents, alumnae and the board of trustees.

All members of the Circle of Mercy are essential partners in creating and sustaining actions that are vital to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion as the work of diversity, equity and inclusion is a responsibility of all. 

  • Strategic Areas of Focus:
    • 2.1 – Faculty and Staff
    • 2.2 – Students
    • 2.3 – Parents
    • 2.4 – Alumnae
    • 2.4 – Board of Trustees

#3 – Diversify Mercy in the areas of faculty, staff and academic offerings.

Diversifying all components, programs and people within Circle of Mercy affirms student cultural identities, enhances the learning environment and prepares Mercy girls to be global citizens.

It is essential that all areas of Mercy reflect diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Strategic Areas of Focus:
    • 3.1 – Diverse Faculty and Staff
    • 3.2 – Diverse Board of Trustees
    • 3.3 – Diverse Student Body
    • 3.4 – Diverse Curriculum

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